'The Swallow's Glad Tidings'
An Airy Confection of Spun Glass
From the Blümchen Atelier
This Victorian flight of fancy adds the joy of a swallow soaring high in an early morning summer sky to your Christmas tree. Our original design, this inspired ornament is gift packaged as shown.
Made with three kinds of German spun glass, including curly white "clouds," the ornament has a glorious rising sun of gilt Dresden trims.
Sold as one Atelier ornament.
Spun glass ornament is 3¾” wide.
Featuring genuine antique scraps of flying swallows that were produced in the late 1800's by Raphael Tuck & Sons of London, England, the scraps do vary slightly, so please let us choose one especially for you.
'Swallow's Glad Tidings' Ornament