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Counter-Balance Candle Holders
  Pendulum-style Christmas tree candle holders  
Christmas Tree Candle Holders
Old-Time Metal Candle Holders
Made in Germany
One of the earliest types of decorations for the tree, counter-balance style holders have been used to trim Christmas trees since the 1860's. Also referred to as pendulum candle holders, weights at the bottom of the holder acts as a "counter balance" to keep candles held securely upright on the boughs of your Christmas tree.
These tin candle holders are made with bas-relief metal weights in the shape of a fir tree pinecone. The decorative weights are firmly welded onto the end of the pendulum wire.
Sold in boxed sets of six pieces
Counter-balance candle holders are
6-1/4" high, from the top of the prongs
to the bottom of the pinecone weights.
The fluted tin bobèche cups are 1-5/8"
wide; prong holders are adjustable.
Decorative Pendulum Candle Holders
for Victorian or Contemporary Trees
Suitable for trimming Christmas trees
in an old-fashioned or a more modern
styling, these classic counter-balance
candle holders have been favored by
connoisseurs since Victorian times.
Gold Counter-Balance Christmas Tree Candle Holders
Silver Counter-Balance Christmas Tree Candle Holders
Tree Candle Holders
Gold Candle Holders
set of 6 pieces
#CL092G   $19.50
Silver Candle Holders
set of 6 pieces
#CL092S   $19.50