'Cherubic Angel' Ornament
Old Stock Spun Glass Decorations
Made in Germany circa 1950
A fabulous find that we are delighted to share with fellow holiday enthusiasts, this angel scrap Christmas ornament is vintage old stock from East Germany. Made of a gleaming white spun glass, it has the slight aqua tint that is indicative of its mid-century production. A charming decoration for collectors, do note that it is available in very limited quantities only. Gift boxed.
Sold singly or as a set of two.
Spun glass ornament is 3" wide.
Special Offer - Save $8.00!
Pair of spun glass angel ornaments:
Reg. price $76.00 - now just $68.00
'Cherubic Angel' Ornament
'Cherubic Angel' Ornaments - 2 pcs.
Special offer set of two spun glass ornaments
includes a facing pair of angels as shown.