'Flower Children' Cornucopia
Blue Dresden Trim & Scrap Ornament
From the Blümchen Atelier
A delightful trifle that is so pretty and petite, this fanciful ornament can also be enjoyed as a gift cone to present a ring or small piece of jewelry. Designed and crafted in our atelier, we used foil cones from Denmark, then embellished them with old stock gilt Dresden trims from Germany, flower scrap reliefs from England, and a woven ribbon hanger of metallic Plattlitze. Gift boxed.
Sold as one Atelier ornament.
Cornucopias are all about 5¾” high
to the top of the gold Plattlitze
ribbon hangers and are 1½" wide.
Blue Cornucopia ~ White Flower
Blue Cornucopia ~ Blue Flower
Blue Cornucopia ~ Orange Flower