Vintage Italian Baskets
Petite Baskets of Handwoven Raffia
Made in Italy in the 1950's
Our vintage baskets with their sprightly pink bows are full of Springtime charm! Pretty, petite baskets that are perfect for displaying Easter treats, these old stock collectibles are more than sixty years old. Made of fine raffia that was handwoven by Italian artisans onto a sturdy wire frame, we added the fancy vintage ribbon bow.
Sold as one vintage basket.
The round basket is 6" wide by
6¾” high, and the oval basket
is 6½" wide by 6" high.
  Special Savings Offer  
Save $5.00! For a limited
time, these vintage raffia
baskets are just $18.95.
And as an added gift, each
each comes with a FREE
bag of paper grass shred.
Vintage Italian Basket ~ Round
Vintage Italian Basket ~ Oval