Ribbon and Cording
Top-quality ribbons, cording and braid
for crafters and artisans
If you're looking for truly traditional crafting materials, our select trims embody the best of old-style and vintage embellishments.
Old-Time Metallic Cording
A Blümchen Exclusive from Germany
Leonisches Gold ~ Real Silver Plated
We are delighted to offer this real silver and gold metallic cording! Made in Germany exclusively for us, the narrow, two-ply cording is made from fine strands of "Lahn," or flattened plated copper wire, that are twisted around a cotton thread center.
This sparkling, glittery metallic cording is just about 1/16" wide and has a bumpy texture. The gold Lahn will darken with age, while the silver plated Lahn is "guaranteed to tarnish."
Each spool   $2.95
'Plattlitze' Metallic Ribbon
Made in Germany especially for Blümchen
Leonisches Gold ~ Genuine Silver Lahn
This luxurious, Victorian-style ribbon is made from real metallic threads! Manufactured on an antique machine, this old-style ribbon has a tight, meshed weave which can be fanned out to create airy effects when making bows.
These metallic ribbons will darken with age to an antiqued look, so if you want to keep the Plattlitze ribbon shiny bright when not in use, just keep the spool covered in plastic wrap or an airtight plastic bag. Ours from Germany.
Each spool  $20.95
Plattlitze Ribbon
Plattlitze Ribbon
Authentic Old Store Stock
Trim from the 1930's
More than 70 years old, these rolls of taffeta seam binding are all still in their original cardboard sleeves. Featuring woven edges and a silky finish, the rayon ribbon is "tub fast." Each roll has 9' of 1/2" wide seam binding.
"Ace" Brand ~
Made in the U.S.A.
Vintage Taffeta
Seam Binding
Seam Binding ~ Nile Green
Sold out
Seam Binding ~ Rust Sienna
Seam Binding ~ Umber Brown
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