Create your own mini lawn in just seconds with these novelty grass mats! Colorful tissue greenswards that can be used all year round, our grass mats are a fun way to "landscape" a party table, set the scene for holiday displays, or add a dash of decorative charm to fancy gift and Easter baskets.
Made of frilled honeycomb tissue paper, the 2½" high mats measures 15" by 30" when stretched open, but of course you can also cut them into smaller sizes as desired. Each package has one die-cut strip with two individual, pull-open art tissue grass mats as shown below. Instructions are included. Made in the USA.
• As featured in Woman's Day magazine •
April 2011 edition

Art Tissue Grass Mats ~ 5 Festive Colors
Package of two tissue grass mats ~ each opened mat is 15" by 30"
Yellow Tissue Grass
A mix of golden yellow and
light yellow tissue paper.
Pink Tissue Grass
A mix of dusty rose and
light pink tissue paper.
Orange Tissue Grass
A mix of golden yellow, red
and orange tissue paper.
Teal Tissue Grass
A solid-color mat of teal
tissue paper.
Green Tissue Grass
A solid-color mat of grass
green tissue paper.
Tissue Grass Mats
Decorative Novelty Greenswards ~ Made in America
Available in Five Festive Colors
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