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Mica Glimmer & Glass Glitter
Sparkling Accents for Crafts and Decorating
Our old-time diamond dust glitters and mica flake glimmers are perfect for
adding gleaming accents to home crafted ornaments and decorations, and
are also suitable for use in the restoration of vintage holiday collectibles.
Mica Flake Glimmer
  Mica flakes and powdered mica sparkles  
Old-Time Sparkles
Mica Flake Glimmer
For many centuries, the gleam of translucent flaked mica has been a favorite for creating glistening accents. A natural mined mineral, the glimmer will vary in color, translucency, and style of flake, depending upon the type and the country of origin.
Mica can be applied the same as any other sparkles -- just about any glue can be used, from white glue-all to decoupage mediums or spray glue. Our artists prefer glues that dry clear to preserve its translucent shine. Mica is non-toxic, waterproof and fireproof.
What is Mica?
The name "mica" is derived from the Latin "micare," which means "to glitter" or also "to shine". Mica is a naturally occurring group of silicate minerals that has a perfect basal cleavage, easily splits into thin luminae, and is most often translucent in appearance. It has been used as a gleaming decorative element since prehistoric times; in fact, the earliest usage of mica was found in cave paintings made during the Paleolithic period!
•  Mica Flakes and Powder are sold by Net Weight  •
Volume measurements listed below for every variety of our mica
glimmers are approximate and are offered as a guide only.
Antique Christmas Decorations
accented with mica glimmers
Since early Victorian times, gleaming
mica flakes have been the preferred
embellishment used to replicate the
icy shine of hoarfrost and snow.
1930's Sparkle Christmas Snow
Authentic America Mica Sparkles
Old store stock in the original box!
Wow! This genuine vintage box of mica dates to the 1930's! Mined by "Mica Mountain Mines, Salt Lake City, Utah," the eighty year old box is still in great condition. The large-size, satiny flakes are wonderful for old-style crafts, and do match the mica flake sparkles that were used in the olden days to accent Santa Claus and Belsnickle figures.
Sparkle Christmas Snow box is 7"
high by 4¾” wide and 1½" deep.
5.5 ounces net wt. - about 3½ cups
'Luminous Frost'
Mica Flake Glimmer
The soft, thin flakes of this gorgeous
mica have a lustrous sheen that is so
enchanting. A clean, evenly-colored
mica, we obtained a limited quantity
from an American mine in the '90s.
1 ounce net wt. - 3/4 cup volume
'New Year's Frost'
Mica & Glass Glitter Mix
Silvery mica with an elegant, moonlit
sheen, this exclusive glimmer is our
own special mix of two different mica
flakes and finest crystal glass glitter.
US mica with glitter from Germany.
1 ounce net wt. - 2/3 cup volume
'Vintage Icy Frost'
Mica Flake Glimmer
A slightly amber hue along with the
inclusion of some darker flecks and
flakes makes this mica glimmer the
perfect choice if you wish to create
an aged, antique look. From India.
2.5 ounces net wt. - 1-1/3 cups volume
'Blümchen's Blend'
Mica & Glass Glitter Mix
Our own special blend, the glistening,
delicately-sized crystalline mica flakes
are enhanced with the added shine of
extra-fine diamond dust glass glitter.
US mica with glitter from Germany.
2 ounces net wt. - 3/4 cup volume
'Yuletide Snowflakes'
Mica Flake Glimmer
Lightly opaque with a pearlized tint,
the petite, evenly-colored flakes of
this unique mica glimmer reflect the
light with a surprisingly vivid gleam.
Old stock from our archives. USA.
2 ounces net wt. - 2/3 cup volume
'Christmas Eve Snow'
Mica Flake Glimmer
Large, crisp flakes that glisten like
newly-fallen show, this sparkling mica
is very bright with a crystalline, even
coloration. A dazzling mica with a big
impact, it's processed in the USA.
2 ounces net wt. - 2 cups volume
'Midnight Frost'
Mica Flake Glimmer
Fine, lightweight flakes of black mica,
the dark, translucent coloring has an
almost mysterious sparkle. Mined in
India, it's processed so the dark tint
is permanently baked into the mica.
1 ounce net wt. - 3/4 cup volume
'Pixie Dust'
Pearlized Mica Powder
This premium mica powder glimmer
has a delicate, pearlized gleam. Made
of purified, ultra-finely ground natural
mica, it's cosmetics grade and has the
feel of soft cake flour. Made in USA.
1 ounce net wt. - 1/3 cup volume