Vintage German Doll Head
Papier-Mâché ~ 3-1/4" ht.
Authentic Old Cardboard Doll Head
Made in Germany in the 1930's
Purchased from a traditional toy maker in Sonneberg, Germany back in 1991, these old stock treasures have been stored in our attic ever since! Just after the reunification of Germany, we drove north from Coburg into the former East Germany to visit Sonneberg, which was the toy capital of the world in the early 20th century, and is still an important center of the toy trade and production. More than 80 years old, these heads may show slight signs of scuffing, but are otherwise in wonderful condition.
This small papier-mâché doll head with flared neck is made from two pieces of moulded cardboard. Featuring blushed pink cheeks and sienna brown hair, the eyebrows, lips and nostrils were painted by hand. Blue eyes are paper transfer decals. Quantities are limited.
Sold as one vintage doll head.
This small papier-mâché doll head is
3¼" high and 2¼" wide by 2¼" deep.
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1930's German Doll Head ~ 3¼"
Each of our vintage doll heads arrives
securely packaged in a kraft gift box.