Vintage Dresden Filigree Chain
Old Stock Chain from the 1980's
'Made in West Germany'
Another unique item that we had stored in our archives since the 1980's! A rare Victorian-style Dresden link chain with a fancy clasp connector, it can be used as a costume necklace for a holiday party or Mardi Gras masquerade, or opened up to its full 36" length to be swagged as a garland on a Christmas tree. Flat Dresden trim links and clasp are made from die-cut, embossed cardboard with gold foil on both sides. Mint condition old stock that's now 30 years old, it has a "Made in West Germany" sticker.
Sold as one Dresden chain.
The Dresden filigree chain has 36
links and is 36" long, not including
the decorative clasp connector.
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this vintage Dresden filigree chain.
Vintage Dresden Filigree Chain