'Lauscha Butterfly'
Vintage Art Glass Decoration from
Holiday 1992 ~ Made in Germany
A rare treat for Christmas collectors and enthusiasts, these wonderful, one-of-a-kind butterflies are now 25 years old. Crafted in the traditional manner by a 94-year-old glassblower in the famous Thuringian town of Lauscha, Germany, these art glass butterflies have been stored in Blümchen's own archives since January 1992.
Made with lampwork, solid glass bodies and antennae, the hand painted wings are of stiffened and die-cut spun glass. A piece of wire is included so that you can safely attach it to a tree branch.
Sold as one art glass butterfly.
Span of the spun glass wings is
3½" across; length of butterfly
is 2¼" from antennae to tail.
See below for the story about how we
obtained these beautiful butterflies!
* Limited Quantities Available *
Made in a range of painted wing designs,
so please let us choose one just for you.
'Lauscha Butterfly' Art Glass
The Story of our Art Glass 'Lauscha Butterflies'
In late January 1992, we traveled to the
former East Germany to visit the quaint
mountainside town of Lauscha, which is
well known as the birthplace of the glass
Christmas tree ornament.
A center of glass art since Lauscha was
founded in 1597, our first stop was a
visit to the Museum für Glaskunst, which
has an outstanding collection depicting
the history of glass production in that
region. The museum had a gift shop
offering wares from local craftsmen, so
we were especially delighted to purchase
some of the very same butterflies that
were on display in the museum.
The next day, while chatting with a sales
rep in a glass ornament showroom, we
mentioned our visit to the museum. The
young man was proud to tell us that his
grandfather's work was in their collection,
and that they sold his butterflies in the
museum shop!
So we asked the obvious question...
would his grandfather consider selling us
some of his butterflies? An appointment
was made for that very afternoon, and
off we went to see his 94-year-old Opa.
Carl Wensel had a small suite of rooms
in an old, turn-of-the-century apartment
house, with a glass blowing work station
set up in front of a large, street-facing
window. We were shown how he created
the butterflies, from making the free-
blown lampwork bodies to painting the
designs on the spun glass wings.
A deal was struck to purchase all of his
butterflies, which he had gift boxed and
kept safely stored in cartons underneath
his bed.
Our visit with Herr Wensel was a unique
glimpse into the crafting methods and
techniques of a nonagenarian German
glass artist, so we are pleased to share
these remarkable pieces of traditional
glass art with our collector friends.
Each butterfly arrives individually
packaged in the original old box.
Do note that most of the box lids
have decorative D. Blumchen labels
from when our company was still
located in Maywood, New Jersey.
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